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    Builders Film

    Builder’s plastic film is a Low Density Polyethylene plastic used as a vapour barrier or damp proof membrane for concrete slabs. It has also been used as a protective film in landscaping and many other applications. It is manufactured from high quality recycled resin that has a very low biodegradable property making it suitable as a vapour barrier. The Black Poly dimensions are 4M (W) x 50M (L) x 200um (thickness) and meets Australian Standard 2870 1996.

    Duct Tape

    The Tubeworks duct tape consists of a stabilised, plasticised, PVC shiny film coated with anti-corrosion adhesive. Its flexibility is excellent, with the duct tape being anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion and resistant to properties to acids, alkalis and oils. Our lead-free duct tape is ideal for floor or aisle marking and pipe wrapping.
    the tubeworks roll of black builders filim
    the tubeworks pvc duct joining tape


    The sheets must be laid at the bottom of the surface where the concrete slab is to be placed. Joins in laying must be overlapped by at least 200mm and taped with a 50mm duct tape for the full length of the joint.

    Any penetration by pipes or services must be sealed with a 50mm duct tape and a minimum of 200mm overlap. This is in accordance with AS2870 to prevent any leakage through the penetration.

    Care should also be exercised to ensure that no stones, roots or other material that could pierce the membrane are protruding above ground level to ensure integrity of the barrier. In rocky areas, it is advisable to place a layer of sand on the prepared pour area before laying down the builder's film.

    The film must follow the contours of the slab at thickened beams so that no strain is placed on the film resulting in potential tears, incorrect thicknesses and voids under the slab.

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