the tubeworks formatube used in construction

    Formatubes in New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria

    Australia’s most well-known product name, The Tubeworks, can happily say it’s a national preferred supplier of Formatube with over 14 diameters ranging from the small 150mm ID to the large 1200mm ID Formatube. Formatube, also known as Sonotube from the US is a cardboard tube specifically designed for builders and farmworkers to pour concrete columns above or below ground, but also used to create a void in the ground from collapsible soil.


    Formatube is a cost-effective method and easy-to-use product which is designed to stand upright, requiring minimal bracing when used as concrete formwork.

    The outer surface of a Formatube is impregnated with a plastic coating for water resistance, whilst the inside is coated with an oil lining to prevent concrete sticking to the Formatube - leaving a smooth, straight lined concrete column.

    The Tubeworks currently holds over 700 lengths of Formatubes in our Melbourne plant, with stock lengths of 3 & 4 metres. However, if you are after a longer Formatube, we can join or make Formatube to your length, with the largest Formatube being 11 metres long.

    The Tubeworks designed a new way of creating a better finish on the inside of the Formatube, which we call a Plastitube.


    A Plastitube is where we insert a plastic lining to the inside of the Formatube to remove all spiral marks – leaving a nice class 1/2 finish rather than the standard class 2/3 finish a Formatube achieves.

    Plastitube isn’t a stock size, so please allow our team some time to cut the plastic and insert into your column, as each diameter has a different cut and number of sheets.

    If you require your Formatube to be trimmed down with a plastic liner already inserted, you must ensure you tape up the plastic back to the Formatube to avoid concrete flowing between the liner and the tube wall.

    Foam tubes

    Foam tubes are something new in The Tubeworks line, as we can create any diameter you desire, with current jobs using 1400mm, 1600mm and even 1800mm.

    For a free quote on our formatube and plastitube, call 03 9457 5545 or 1300 TUBEWORKS .

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