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    Ezytubes and steel columns in Victoria

    Ezytube is a new innovative way for above-ground columns that are very light, flexible and easy to install. The simplicity in the Ezytube is that it ensures extremely high burst strength at a very thin wall thickness, which it relies on for its lightweight, easy to strip off concrete once poured, and can be poured in most cases at unrestricted pour rates.

    Manufactured using a spiral winding technique, the columns leave a slight spiral seam on the inside surface of the tube, although this can be removed by inserting a plastic lining inside the column for a class 1/2 finish. An Ezytube column poured as is leaves a class 2/3 finish.

    The semi-flexible wall structure means that the tube wall is forgiving and high, which has resistance to impact; the tube will “spring” back into shape if out of round after transport or other forms of compression. Its small wall thickness allows Ezytubes to be cut on site with just a knife for onsite projections, conduits, etc. No electric tools are required to strip columns, no risk of electrocution from power tools, giving obvious Occupational Health and Safety advantages.

    Ezytubes can be fitted with a plastic lining inside the column for a class 1/2 finish, but this should be done at The Tubeworks and preferably not on site. If you must cut the tubes and the plastic, you must ensure the plastic liner is re-taped to the end of tube to avoid concrete flowing between the liner and the tube wall. Not only can we create a class 1/2 finish with the use of plastic, but we can assemble column sizes inside the Ezytube as square, rectangular or other shaped columns. Please give us a call if you wish to discuss further and get a quote.

    Foam tubes are something new The Tubeworks line, as we can create any diameter you desire, with current jobs using 1400mm, 1600mm and even 1800mm.

    Steel Columns

    The Tubeworks is proud to announce that it is now in the market as a supplier of steel columns for the construction industry. Made from galvanized steel, our steel columns won’t rust if left outside, with diameters available from 152mm to 1524mm. The Tubeworks’ steel columns can be used both above and below ground, with stripping possible using a grinder.

    The strength of these columns can be determined based on gauge, as we have 6mm, 8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm available. With stock available in our Melbourne plant, our steel columns can also be made to your building plans with the largest length so far being 12 metres. Our quick turnaround makes us highly competitive, with delivery happening Australia-wide.

    For a free quote on our Ezytubes and steel columns, call 03 9457 5545 or 1300 TUBEWORKS .

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