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    EPH collapsible void formers & Builders Film/Duct Tape in Victoria

    The main area of application for the EPH panel is to create a void beneath slabs and separating ground beams, especially in unstable expansive soils that can exert significant pressures on structural foundations. The EPH void former is a honeycomb panel constructed from a 400-micron cardboard with a honeycomb cellular core and is environmentally friendly. The void former will break down through the absorption of moisture from the soil and from bacterial attack to create a void beneath the slab or beam.

    It is capable of taking high load capacity when dry, but be aware that ground and atmospheric moisture conditions are critical to the successful use of this product and it must only be used in dry conditions. It is lightweight and easy to install, but at the same time is capable of supporting the weight of construction traffic, though it is recommended planks be used in high traffic areas to minimize risk of surface puncture. The EPH Void former will retain its strength to also hold the reinforcement and wet concrete until the concrete gains enough sufficient strength to be self-supporting.

    The standard panel size is 2400mm long x 800mm wide and the depth can range from 50mm to 200mm. Each panel is 1.92 square meters and is supplied wrapped in plastic to help with weather protection but is not weather proof and must be stored in a dry place. Tarpaulin covers are recommended and need to be laid to allow adequate ventilation. Minimum ground clearance during storage is 100mm and supports should be run along the length of the panels.

    For a free quote on our EPH collapsible void formers, call 03 9457 5545 or 1300 TUBEWORKS .

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